Appointments and Fees

Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office at 513-874-4530. Ms. Leslie Stewart, the office manager, is happy to assist with scheduling. During the first phone contact, you will be asked some general questions about your child and their treatment needs. 

The first appointment is typically a meeting for parents to discuss their concerns without the child present. In this way, parents can openly and freely discuss concerns before the child is seen. This initial parent meeting also provides parents with an opportunity to evaluate their comfort with the psychologist before their child is seen. Several forms need to be completed prior to this first appointment in order to make the first meeting an efficient one. Parents may download forms from the ‘Form’ section of this website and bring completed forms to the first appointment, or arrive 25 minutes early to the first appointment to complete forms in the office waiting room. If you have completed the forms prior to your first appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early to check in and complete some brief paperwork (HIPPA contract, etc.). This will allow more time during your first appointment for discussing your concerns about your child. Also, please bring your insurance card to the first appointment as well as any other pertinent information such as previous evaluations and school reports/records (IEP records, etc.).

In terms of insurance coverage, it is important to know that I am an in-network provider on a few insurance panels only. Please contact your insurance company prior to our first appointment to ask if I am an in-network provider on your insurance panel. If your insurance requires a referral to see me, please make certain you’ve gotten a referral prior to the first session. Failure to do so before the first appointment may mean that coverage is denied by the insurance company. If coverage is denied because of lack of referral or authorization, you will be responsible for the full fee for that session.

An important consideration to make when using insurance benefits is that the insurance company has a right to review the patient’s record if they so desire. If you are uncomfortable with a third-party payor having access to your child’s psychological assessment and/or treatment record, you may wish to consider paying privately for my services to ensure the highest level of confidentiality. 

If you have decided to use insurance, we will typically file claims on you behalf. If we are unable to file claims on your behalf for some reason, we will provide you with a statement of services, charges, and billing codes that you can submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Many families elect to pay privately for psychological services to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality. The fees for my services are listed below.

Initial Evaluation (first parent session) – $175

Individual Psychotherapy – $140 per 45-55 minute session

Family Therapy – $175 per 45-50 minute session

Psychological Testing – $175 per hour

Billable Professional Time – $175 per hour

(treatment summaries, test scoring and interpretation, reports, letters on your behalf)

Payments for sessions fees (if not using insurance), copays, and/or deductibles are due at the time of service. We accept payment in the form of cash, personal checks, HSA cards, and credit cards.

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